3D printing materials are the important basis of 3D printing technology, mainly including polymer materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, etc. 3D printing technology, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology, is an intelligent manufacturing technology that originated in the 1980s and integrates machinery, computer, numerical control and materials. The basic principle of the technology is that according to the two-dimensional cross-section information obtained from the three-dimensional entities using slicing method, the point, line or plane are used as the basic unit for layer by layer stacking manufacturing, and finally the entities or prototypes are obtained. Different from the traditional manufacturing methods of reducing materials (such as cutting processing) and equal materials (such as forging), 3D printing can realize the manufacturing of complex structural parts that are impossible or difficult to achieve by the traditional methods, and greatly reduce the processing procedures and shorten the cycle. Therefore, it has been widely concerned by researchers all over the world.
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